Designed To Make You Say Cheese!

Swoon time, once more a project has come from Sao Paulo in Brazil that has me swooning over its awesome concept, interior design and architecture. Today’s feature project combines a number of my loves, food, photography, architecture and cool Interior design. Studio SC is a food photography studio the combines a working office, photography areas, a working kitchen for food prep and plenty of inspiring outdoor breakout spaces.

Designed by Studio MK27 the building is all about hidden surprises and unlimited potential. From the outside the building looks to be a rather flat, boring and insipid concrete block, that is until you pull back the large metal doors, then the space transforms into a more enchanting space that connects the outside world with the inside, indeed this theme can be seen throughout the project with elements such as the rooftop garden, the cool walkway and the side gardens, the use of the wooden structures as you peel back the layers of steel also act as a subtle nod to the duality of this space. I love the freshness of the interior, it is simple yet has an air of sophistication about it, whilst the office area might not be my cup of tea as I have a thing about facing walls I do really like the kitchen areas and the main central office area. All in all this is a really cool project that is quite different in its function compared to many of the other projects we have featured on this blog but is as equally as creative and inspiring as the others.

Images Credited to Nelson Kon