Designed To Motivate!

May 5, 2013

The summer holidays are now booked, which means I have that unenviable period of “getting into beach shape” ahead of me, this period often starts with a trip to the local sports shop to stock up on supplies and some motivation. A shop that certainly isn’t short in giving its customers motivation is the Platinum Sports shop based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The store was designed by Switch (Graphics) & Frame Architecture (interiors) and it is another fine example of industrial chic design, like any good sports store the winner in this design is the raw feel to it through the finishes, I for one am more inclined to buy from a proper sports shop that feels sporty than a polished and swish rubber cladded store. I love the use of the motivational phrases on the walls, such a simple yet subtle addition has really propelled this store and gave it a great sense of character, now if only I could sit here and write all day, but alas I have some running to do, check out the images below and feel inspired.

Platinum Sports Store Interior


Platinum Sports Store Interior2

Platinum Sports Store Interior3

Platinum Sports Store Interior4

Platinum Sports Store Interior5

Platinum Sports Store Interior6