Designed To Take You Away!

June 25, 2012

As summer is here most of us are thinking about our summer jollies, be it a backpacking trip around Asia, a driving holiday through the stunning Italian countryside or a family holiday to Disney World in Florida, whatever the case may be it is always exciting to know that you are going away and that a few weeks of bliss are only around the corner.

The sense of excitement builds from the moment you step into a travel agents and this is something that today’s feature project seeks to capture.  World of TUI in Berlin is a travel agents with a difference, the design which was done by Nest One is all about experience and interactivenes which is a welcome change from the oh so old and boring “sit on a chair and flick through a catalogue” approach. Favorite elements for us about the design include the outside in approach taken by the designer, beautiful sceneary on the walls of tropical destinations automatically get the excitement levels going and transport the customer to a land far away from the grey streets outside.

The wealth of breakout and chillax areas afford the customer great time and ease where they can make informed decisions about their holidays, nothing about this design says rushed. It’s a place to come for the conscientious customer, we also dig the furniture pieces such as the tree trunk tables in the library area, the floating cloud light pieces and the quirky chairs. We also can’t forget about the super awesome 64 inch touch screen table that encourages the customer to have a fiddle and a play with the online brochures and to look at websites of hotels, a really cool and innovative touch that will get customers coming back again and again. I am a big fan of this project as travel agents are sadly a dying breed because of the internet and one stop websites but hopefully with projects such as this there will still be a place for travel agents on the high street or in the malls.