Designer Heaven, Read All About It!

November 10, 2013

If you ever catch me in the bookstores of Dubai (which is very often) you will no doubt catch me in the design section of the store. My one pet annoyance with bookstores is that the architecture and design section is often far too small for my liking.  Maybe I am just greedy but I just can’t get enough of these awesome architecture and design books.

So when I came across MENDO in Amsterdam designed by perennial Studio EM favourites, Concrete, I immediately knew that I had to share it on this blog as it is a dream place for me, an entire bookstore dedicated to books from all design disciplines, from architecture to interior design, fashion design, graphic design and photography. As you can imagine with a store like this, the design is pretty darn cool. Everything about MENDO screams designer heaven to me and I must say that I am suffering with designer envy as the store is not here in Dubai, then again one day something equally as awesome or even MENDO themselves will be here, one can always hope.

Until then please check out the images below and see why this store has us drooling with designer envy, enjoy 🙂

Bookstore Interior Design

Bookstore Interior Design2

Bookstore Interior Design3

Bookstore Interior Design5

Bookstore Interior Design6

Bookstore Interior Design7