Destination Anywhere!

February 1, 2012

We came across today’s wicked office concept when reading an article about the rapid growth of travel company Airbnb on Mashable. Airbnb is a cool new concept that allows you to rent out your spare room to travelers from around the world, travelers who don’t want to be the normal hotel fee’s or those that just want to have some homelier comforts, on the reverse it is also a site where you can book rooms to stay at in other people’s houses or apartments in cities throughout the world.

This jet setting startup idea now has a swanky jet setting inspired office as their headquarters; the Airbnb HQ in San Francisco was designed by Garcia Tamjidi and is based on rooms from around world. Individual offices are based on apartments from the likes of Hong Kong and New York as well as an office designed to look like an artist pad in Berlin (see if you can see which is which in the photos below)   The even add a nod to aviation with the awesome PanAm window display as you enter the office, the long hallway that leads off from the PanAM display looks like an arrivals terminal in any airport, perhaps this is symbolic of Airbnb saying we have arrived in the cool office club, but you can only be a member of the awesome cool office club if you have your own kitchen that prepares food for its employee’s all day, oh they have that too. It is an awesome business concept and this is a fitting office that is a great extension of who Airbnb are, check out the photos of the office below.

Photography Credited to Chad Riley