Dividing Partings As Well As Opinions!

Second hand Japanese furniture, 5000 Swarovski Crystals, plastered hands, a deer’s head mockup and a plethora or white space, you would be forgiven if you thought I was describing a Tim Burton production but alas I am not, I am describing the new Facto Royale Salon in Lisbon Portugal. Designed by Igor Ferreira this salon is far removed from my local salon and may not be my cup of tea for a Saturday morning cut and blow dry but nonetheless the design is fascinating and rather spectacular and I do appreciate it as being a unique and inspiring piece of interior design.

Favorite elements for me have to be the beautiful distressed floor panels, this rugged looking flooring juxtaposed with the swish and chic surroundings adds a real balance to the space, and although this is a very white space I do really like the lighting features. But as mentioned it really isn’t my cup of tea as I am a big scaredy cat and the idea of the hands coming out of the walls and deer head are a bit much for me, but I have to admit that this still is a quality piece of design that will always divide opinion, as it has done in our office. Check out the images below to see if you are a yay or neigh sayer.

Images Credited to Jorge Matreno