Do The Japanese “Just Do It” Better?

October 26, 2011

Those of you who follow us on Twitter or read our blog often know that we at Studio EM are massive fans of Japanese Interior Architecture and Design. A great source of our inspiration in the designs we work on hails from Japanese design principals. It would be too simplistic to say that Japanese interior design is the best or the most pioneering, progressive designers in Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, San Francisco and New York would beg to differ, however what we are seeing more and more often in retail design is a fusion where the East meets West.

Japanese companies such as perennial favorites of ours Wonderwall are creating incredibly progressive and artistic interiors that can only render one to be awe struck by the sheer simplicity and creativity behind them. When asked was this they way of Japanese design in our office we couldn’t agree. However what we did decide is that many of these large international firms have employed Western Expats as well as Japanese designers an the collective creativity or the fusion we mentioned earlier is perhaps the perfect recipe for exceptional designs and amazing retail spaces.

A tribute to this fusion or in homage to the aforementioned Wonderwall we have decided to feature one of there most recent projects in todays blog post and we thought what better project that a huge international retailer hailing from the west but known throughout the world and one we can all identify with, NIKE.

Wonderwall have designed Nike’s flagship concept store in Tokyo. We are going to say very little about the design as the pictures tell their own story but what we will say is look at the photos below, think of your local Nike flagship store and compare the two. When we think about the Nike store in Mall of the Emirates or in The Dubai Mall this store design from Wonderwall blows them completely out of the water, in design, functionality and quality.

We have taken this project description from the designers website:

The design concept for Nike’s first flagship store in Tokyo, which also happens to be the largest in the nation at 946 square meters, is a playing field. It is an experience-based store with facilities such as the Runner’s Studio for selecting shoes that match the individual’s feet and running style and the NIKEiD STUDIO. The interior also expresses the joy of sports by integrating characteristically NIKE items such as the shoes for the chandelier and the waffle molds of the outsoles as a decorative element for a wall. The surrounding environment to the foot traffic flow from the Omotesando street where the store is located has been well considered in the store layout and the interior design resulting in two entrances on both sides of the store.

Check out these images and please use the comments section below to let us know what you think of this project as well as what you think about our thoughts on Japanese Design.Web designers and design enthusiasts please check out Wonderwall’s website it is simply one of the best we have ever seen. All Photographs are credited to Kozo Takayama.