Eclectic Funkiness To Ring Home About!

December 15, 2011

It’s that time of the week again, as we head into the weekend it is time for our Thursday Funky Fun project. Today’s project is one we came across as we researched some designs and trends for our latest electronics store project in Abu Dhabi, we made sure to bookmark it for future reference and what better way of doing that than by sharing it with you through our blog.

The project is the Telecom Store in Wellington, New Zealand; we really appreciated and enjoyed the difference of this project when compared to larger brand peers in the market, this store as an altogether more unique feel to it than many other leading telecom provider stores. Designed in collaboration between Retail Design Firm Gascoigne Associates and the Brand Experience Design Company Designworks, the store aims to create a greater amount of interaction between the customer and the product, every element is designed to encourage touch and playfulness between the two.

The unimposing design has the right mix of fun, fresh and funkiness teamed with chic professionalism, a blend that was no mean feat to achieve, thus allowing the customer to really feel at home and decide on their own merit to purchase the product rather than be force fed it through in your face merchandising, branding at salesmanship. For us we love most the eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage furnishings and finishes, the archaic feature wall just makes us smile at the outrageousness of it (not something you would expect in a hi-tech electronics store) the mini cooper for instance brings a feeling of joy and humour to the project as well as the brilliant and ironic shop front that literally just says “SHOP”.

All of these elements such as combining the contemporary with the vintage were a very brave thing to do by Gascoigne Associates and Designworks, but you know what, boy oh boy does it work wonderfully well, definitely one of our favourite stores we have seen this year, a tremendously brilliant job done by the designers.

All Photography Credited to Both Sam Mahayni & Patrick Reynolds

We first came across this project on WAN, Check out their article to find out more in-depth detail about the project brief and what the designers wanted to achieve with this awesome store.