Embrace The White Space!

January 18, 2012

As an interior designer I am often confronted by those (such as our Business Development Director) who have a real fear or loathing of white space, some just see a white space and feel an itching desire to fill it with something inane just so as not to have the white space. I had this discussion with our graphic designer friend Neil, (Version B Design) not so long ago; it came about due to his catchy twitter bio line “helping you to overcome your fear of white space”, so I am pleased to see that it is designers of all trades who face this from their clients.

With that in mind I thought it was time to feature a commercial project that is all about the dreaded white space. The newly opened Stuttgart City Library project is as white as can be. The project which was designed by Yi Architects is an amazing concept that we were initially drawn to as it was an example of how talented designers can take a traditionally flat type of project (such as a library) and really create something spectacular, one could almost say that this design could be responsible for making libraries popular again. I am not trying to do a disservice to traditional library design but I do love contemporary and innovative design, which is what we try to do with our projects so it is easy to see why this one made such an impression on me.

From the images below you can see that the first thing that hits you is how white and bright this project is but what I love the most about it is the architectural form and layout of the space. There are very few modern buildings in the world this large that I would actually enjoy walking up eleven flights of stairs, but with this space I could happily walk up and down all day, with the odd rest stop in between of course.  This is a really great example of innovative and almost risqué design that breaks the mould and should turn most of those mentioned in the opening to overcome their fear of white space.

All image credits.