Embracing Colour By All Ages!

October 30, 2011

You can see on our Twitter Feed that today we are all about colour at EMquarters, the use of colour in interior design and architecture is something we love and we support greatly, colour has the ability to transform the most insipid and bland interiors into spaces of great creativity and personality. Often we receive comments about our logo, website and our marketing collateral praising it as being something quite vibrant and contrary to the mould of white spaces and lethargy. As humbling and flattering it is (and we do love it) all of our branding and design was intentional, we wanted to use colour to portray our youth and vibrancy, and this is something that we continually look for in our projects and designs.

The project we are focusing on today is one that immediately grabbed our attention for several reasons, the first being the stunning use of colour and the second being the concept of the space. Phill is a restaurant and playground concept rolled into one, the premise of the Phill is that families can come and drop the kids off downstairs to play amongst the other children while the grown-ups disappear upstairs for some much needed coffee and chat time. The design was created by Romanian design house Nuca Studio. In Phill they have created a joyous and captivating design that appeals to everyone laden with jaw dropping design features such as the impressive and much talked about grand Elephant that likes to listen to his iPod whilst keeping watch over the children.

Elements that inspire us as well as get us all warm and fuzzy as designers are the wonderful use of vibrant colours for the furniture, the bold purples, yellow and greens really lift the canvas of this project, mix this with the wall graphics and playful inserts that are constant throughout as well as the unobtrusive lighting design and you take a regular “white space” and turn it into something that is truly captivating. Another important element that allows the white space to stand out and to captivate is the stunning architectural form of the project, the mix of curves on the ceiling and wall panels teamed with the crispness of the columns and the soft edges throughout give this design a greater sense of depth and personality that an otherwise inane and square space with the same furnishings would lack.

The restaurant space is again very trendy and eye catching, the understated and simplistic wooden furniture is lifted and inspired by the colourful seating and flooring thus creating a space that screams creativity and comfort without overdoing it and entering the world of tack.  The entire project is extremely well done a real feat as there could have been a tendency to overdo the design, to overuse the colour palette and to be over creative. The balanced subtlety of this project is a huge testament to the skills and abilities of the designers, Phill is a fantastically fun and innovative project that I am sure you will all enjoy looking at, especially that humongous playful elephant that had us all in stitches. This would be an ideal project to open up in Dubai, let’s hope one day that the concept may indeed arrive on these shores as I can forsee many of Dubai’s residents enjoying this concept on a daily basis with their little ones and friends.

Photography by Cosmin Dragomir.

The following is a description of the project taken from the Designers Nuca Studio:

Phill is a meeting place designed for the entire family. it has a playground, a multipurpose room and a small café at the ground floor and a restaurant at the second level. the playground and the multipurpose room are enclosed areas with independent light and acoustic scenarios and they accommodate activities from theatre and puppet shows to martial arts and ballet lessons. in between them the small café communicates visually with the playground through a couple of round openings. upstairs, the dining area is an open space directly linked with the lobby. the functions of the program have their own agenda but at the same time they work closely together therefore the connection of the individual spaces was very important. in order to link these different rooms, the walls were perforated by transparent openings and a special attention was paid to the stairs design which climb their way to the second floor around a 4 meter tall elephant. attempting to appeal to both children and adults, the overall design draws its inspiration from vinyl toy and manga culture, looking to be engaging and to capture the imagination of all visitors. the exact formal sense of the ceiling’s intricate geometry is open to interpretation as some of the shapes resulted from a meticulous handling of the complicated air duct system alongside the heavy concrete structure