Exhibiting The Various States And Phases Of Water!

March 19, 2012

After the great feedback on yesterdays feature project through our social media channels and with today being the opening day of a number of art exhibitions in Al Serkal Avenue, we thought, why not just go with the flow and cover another great piece of  gallery interior architecture and design?

That is exactly what we are going to do today and it is another project from one of our favorite designers, Zaha Hadid Architects. The gallery in question is the new Roca London Gallery. Far from being the archetypal art gallery we are commonly used to seeing this project has an altogether more futuristic and bold look to it. Why? Well because it is not just an art gallery, it is more of a showroom for Roca and their products but the 1100 square meter space also has the added advantage of doubling up as an exhibition and event space.

As we can see from the Roca London Gallery Website:

The concept is inspired by the various phases and states of water. Water acts as the transformational element moving across the façade, carving out the interior and moving through the main gallery as individual drops.

The complex free-form architectural language reflecting fluidity and nature is driven by the new digital design tools and the constant evolution of digitally controlled manufacturing, fabrication and contemporary construction mechanisms, processes and methods.

When we learn that the design is based on the various states and phases of water it is clear to see where the unique shape and form of this project derives from. Aside from the awe-inspiring curvature to the architectural form we also are inspired by the lighting design within the interior architecture. The lighting accentuates the curves and the flow of the space and it is with this lighting that the journey begins and ends as it is the constant guide throughout the gallery.

This is a show stopper of a design and no doubt one that will divide opinions across offices around the world, even in our office we have 2 naysayers and 2 lovers of it, check out the images below and let us know what side of the fence you sit on. Don’t miss out on the cool video that follows the images, enjoy!

Images Credited to Luke Hayes