Fast Food Gets Real!

June 3, 2014

One area in the interior design world that is often overlooked is the fast food world. Within this world the majority of the time it is fair to say that design is often an after thought to many other seemingly more important elements and functions, which is tragic in a away as projects such as today’s feature project show that fast food design can indeed be awesome!

88th Street is a very cool fast food concept based in Cracow, Poland, designed by Forbis Group the design is very American Roadside diner in it’s feel. The awesome wall mural isn’t the only nod to or hint of a New York inspired feel to this space, the use of the brilliant New York Taxi yellow and black theme is another dead set giveaway.

Straight up looking at this I see a quirky, imaginative and cool fast food joint and it’s a reminder to me there is no need to have the clinical, bland and tired food court inspired designs that we have become so used to, not when designers such as us or the Forbis Group can come up with awesome little concepts such as this that pop from the landscape 🙂

Fast Food Interior Design

Fast Food Interior Design 2

Fast Food Interior Design 3