Forget Fish & Chips, Let’s Have Some Chowpatty On The Beach!

April 5, 2012

It’s Thursday funky fresh fun project time again and this week we are featuring an Indian restaurant, but not just any Indian restaurant, today’s project is an Indian restaurant that is also an awesome pop up based on the outskirts of London. Dishoom Chowpatty Beach was inspired by the Dishoom restaurant located in the heart of central London. We love this pop up concept for many reasons, the main being the light hearted, colorful, humorous and relaxed nature of the project.

In the images below look how stunning those chairs are, I love the contrast of the vintage rickety old chairs and the splash of colors that engulf them, this creates an awesome effect that lifts up the floor space.  Being a beach side pop up this space automatically shouts fun and happiness, this has been captured by many of the more subtle touches in the space. For instance the London Time and Bombay clock is extremely funny and cool, the kitchen cladding using old crates and the exterior façade are also relaxed and quirky design features that give this space a real colorful and exuberant character. Another reason why I hold this project in such high regard is that many of the elements that went into creating this space during the fit out are sustainable and green features, such as the recycled light fittings and the use of the newspapers complimented by the aforementioned cladding.

Check out these wicked images below from Paul Winch-Furness and enjoy this week’s vibrant Thursday Funky Fresh and Fun Project.

Images Credited to Paul Winch-Furness