Freshly Steamed And Pressed Design!

November 21, 2011

As a continuation of our theme that commercial interior design really can be applied to any commercial project, we are featuring the unlikeliest of categories in today’s blog feature. We firmly believe that interior design and the creativity behind it can be applied to any project be it a 130,000 square foot fashion store, a cobblers, a café, restaurant a hotel or even a laundrette.

Yes you did indeed read that last statement correctly; we did say interior design can be applied to a laundrette and as Australian design firm Snell Architects have proven it can be done rather successfully and creatively. Snell have designed a new store for Maurice Dry Cleaners in Sydney, the vibrant design includes 300 metres of bright yellow clothesline and recycled PET wall linings that represent the lint behind your dryer drawer, the glass façade is another favourite element for us as it gives the customer a greater insight into the workings of the store. This is just another fine example where with a bit of creative thinking and superb execution an everyday convenience store such as a dry cleaners can look fantastic and stand out from the crowd of its peers.

A testament to this cool design is that it was featured in the 2011 Australian Interior Design Awards for the colour in commercial design category.

Images credited to Snell Architects.