Functionally Creative!

July 16, 2012

With Ramadan coming up it is a good time for us to start thinking about some down time which is great as it will give us the chance to start looking for a new office to move into, as such I have already been in office research mode as I always love learning and seeing new ways to plan workspaces and office layouts. On my journey I came across another awesome office design from the guys at Skype at their new office in Sweden. Designed by PS Arkitektur this space is very different to the once we covered last year in Palo Alto.

As described by PS Arkitektur

Skype’s new office in Sweden is situated in the München brewery in Stockholm. It is the office for about 100 employees, mainly engaging in developing the audio- and video for the Skype platforms. The interior design reflects the Skype spirit – a joyful, user friendly tool connecting people all over the world. So is the space – playful and functional.

The triangular and rhomboid shapes of the carpet pattern, as well as the design of workplaces, tables and bar, are based on the concept of a net with connecting nodes. The colourful and round shapes of the furniture are derived from Skype’s graphic profile. Also, the Skype logotype, being a cloud, has been interpreted into ball shaped light fittings around the office. The Skype Stockholm office focuses on development of audio and video which is manifested in custom designed wallpapers where pictures of headsets and cables create patterns.

Perhaps the most important thing about this project description is when it states that this office is playful and functional, for me the functional element is the most important in any office design so it is awesome to see a project that gets the balance right, as I often say you can have the most creative office design in the world but it won’t make it the best designed one as without the proper attention to functionality it will just be a pretty space.

Images Credited to Jason Strong Photography