Get On Your Bike & Join The Club!

November 6, 2012

It’s now at that time of the year again, that time when I don’t have to stand under my AC unit to cool down and I can finally venture outside and do some exercise without fear of melting, the Dubai winter has finally arrived. As such I think I shall be getting on my bike and enjoying the cool breeze in my hair while I still can. I was out this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see lots of other people out on their bikes too and I got thinking about how popular cycling has become in the UAE. Which led me to think that Dubai really needs a project like today’s feature project.

The Rapha Cycle Club is based in London and it is exactly what you think it is a cycling club. Designed by Brinkworth the space is a retail outlet, a café and social space and a den of nostalgia, it is a space where cyclist come to share their passion and a meeting point where they set off on trips and come back to share some good food and to chat about the journey they have just had and their love for cycling. As the space is multifaceted and serves many purposes the design had to be accommodating and in this instance Brinkworth have got the design spot on by using such a neutral backdrop for the main design components, what I like most about this is that the design creates seamless spaces that all run together well which is no mean feat given all of the purposes of the space, it could so easily have looked like a bike shop with a needless café stuck on the side, thankfully it doesn’t thankfully it looks like a purpose designed cycle hub that really knows what their customers want and if truth be told I am slightly jealous that we don’t have something like this on our back door.