Have You Got Your Mojo On?

July 25, 2011

This morning the Studio EM team had the pleasure of visiting the offices of one of Dubai’s leading creative branding agencies, The Mojo Group! We felt at ease right from the first moment we stepped through the front door, we were greeted by the biggest smile and welcome from the vibrant and delightful Managing Partner Tara Rogers.

Born in Dubai in 2005, Mojo are a “multi disciplined agency that cover five areas of expertise: Strategy, Design, Advertising, Interactive and Public Relations”. The Mojo Group are all about finding you brands “mojo” and using their aforementioned integrated skills to help others fall in love with it.

After the initial tour of the office from Tara we were introduced to two of the founding managing partners, Kurt Blanckenberg and Mark Rogers.

We chuckled as managing partner Kurt Blanckenberg recanted the early days when the founding members of Mojo worked from a garage. In those early days progression and upward mobility was when they branched out of their garage into having a tent in the back garden. Managing Partner Mark Rogers sold the idea of working in a tent to us by painting a delightful picture of working whilst being surrounded by birdsong. From such humble beginnings the team at Mojo has given us hope that one day we too may be sitting in and working from such a wonderful space.

Fast forward to 2008 where there is no tent in site. Mojo moved their HQ to the Mojo Gallery, and my word when Mojo move into an office they do it with serious style! The Mojo Gallery is a multi purpose space, from the gallery and exhibition space on the ground floor to the multi functional offices on the mezzanine floor. The space reflects greatly on what Mojo are all about, CREATIVITY!

The first thing that struck us about the Mojo Gallery was it’s vibrancy and use of natural light, commonly warehouses in Al Quoz are dark, dingy and all a rather grubby, not here! Here light comes pouring in from the roof and is circulated throughout the building by bouncing off the white walls and furniture, covering the entire area with light, just see the images below and count the amount of lights you can see on, you will be surprised, this was a real feature for us.

Initially we were drawn to the centerpiece of the office, the gallery on the ground floor, before we set foot through the front door the last thing we were expecting to see was a fully functional art gallery with glorious sculptures on show. This was a welcomed surprise to the visual senses as it immediately impressed upon us that the guys at Mojo were far more than just branding experts in suits and nice dresses, they are true art lovers and design enthusiasts and they mean business.

One can only refer to the dramatic feature wall on the mezzanine floor as a piece of art in its own right. The partners commissioned a London based street artist to deliver his graphic interpretation of Dubai, the results of which is a wonderful “pop art esq” depiction of what the artist viewed Dubai to be all about. From the high rise apartments to the Burj Al Arab to the depiction of the fish market to the institution that is Eat and Drink this piece reflects a unique interpretation of Dubai that is so far removed for the traditional silhouette skyline shot or the blurred light montage of Sheikh Zayed Road that we are so accustomed to seeing.

However on reflection, this feature wall is not the centerpiece, it is an element of the overall centerpiece, the office itself. Design features can be seen throughout the entire area, the custom wood laminate flooring which mimics vintage oak wine barrels from yesteryear or the spiral staircase, or the remarkably large meeting room which has an even more remarkably large sliding door or the guitar and white drum set on its own raised level or the ultra sleek contemporary chill out area, design elements are everywhere, each element has been carefully thought out and ties in effortlessly with each other.

From the images below you can see why we simply had to blog about this office.

The warehouse exterior, we were blown away by what is behind these doors.

Not many lights on yet the space is still so bright, we loved the central spiral staircase that leads to the mezzanine floor.

The directors room on the mezzanine floor with its glass partitioning allowing the light to flood in and around.

Brilliant art on the walls which immediately grabs your attention. It is also MAC heaven for the Mojo team.

A snippet of the excellent artwork of the London based street artist who Mojo commissioned to portray his view of Dubai.

Another view of the wall art. Take a close look at the flooring.

View from the directors office, the splatter of colour against the white backdrop lifts the atmosphere of the mezzanine floor.

The wooden laminate flooring which imitates old fashioned oak barrels used to transport wine.

The spiral staircase which connects the gallery on the ground floor to the office on the mezzanine floor.

Another shot of the wonderfully crafter spiral staircase.

One of the many chilling areas in this office, with chic contemporary and comfortable furniture.

The rock band kit on the its own raised level, a wicked piece of art that really shows the personality of the owners.

The breakout area for the staff at the back of the gallery complete with its own breakfast bar and yet another Mac.

Another shot of the staff breakout area, a fully equipped kitchen like this really tell you something about the owners and how they value their staff.

Creativity and Art is on show everywhere in this gallery / office even on the toilet doors.

The subtle and quaint reception area with yet another Mac (I am trying not to come across as being too jealous)

The office was designed by The Mojo Group themselves, remarkably on illustrator with no use of autocad, a true testament to the vision and creativity of the Mojo team and the fit out company Cad Space who have done a terrific job.

Mojo’s mantra is ” ART, BUSINESS, SOUL” this is an office that really encapsulates the mantra. It is full of art, they mean business and you can fell the soul.

The Mojo Group can be contacted at:

The Mojo Gallery

#33 Al Serkal Avenue

Street 8, Al Quoz 1, Dubai

Tel: 04 3477 3888

Fax: 04 323 6367