Getting Entrepreneurs Out Of Their Spare Rooms!

April 23, 2012

As we are nearing the completion of our first year in business we still like to think of ourselves as a small startup, I actually think even if we were 10 years old this June rather than just 1 year we would still probably think of ourselves as a startup, it’s just one of those things, it never quite seems to be real. Our first year has had many challenges but the main challenge in the early days was office space.

When my husband Kristian and I first set the business up we spent quite a few months working from our spare room in our apartment which is roughly a massive 6 square meters. Challenging is putting it mildly when describing this arrangement, there were weeks when it felt that we hadn’t left the house, with this in mind we are ever so grateful that there was community workspaces for us to work from to give us that life / work balance. Community workspaces such as the Shelter and the Pavilion were such a blessing, especially given the cost constraints of setting up an office space in the early days.

These community workspaces are now popping up all over the world and are aiding entrepreneurialism massively by providing great, flexible and inspiring spaces for startups such as us. One of the latest community workspace’s to inspire startups is based in London, England. Aptly called Club Workspaces this space is akin to the Shelter and the Pavillion and Urban Station (which we covered a few months back) in that it provides flexi desks and workspace to individuals and companies who don’t yet have their own office or those who just want a break from their own, it is a great concept that really does help both statups and nomadic workers.

Designed by Studio Carmody Groarke the space consists of work stations, break out areas and conference areas and most importantly a cafeteria, they are all placed beautifully in the surrounding of a glorious old industrial warehouse. I love the simplicity and industrial nature of the design, usually I am not a huge fan of designs that remind me of grayscale but in this instance I am all for it, in this instance it works because of the awesome lighting design and fittings, it also works because of the backdrop, the gorgeous exposed brick, the rafters and the industrial roofing provide an atmosphere that allows the grayscale to amplify. A very cool project that encourages entrepreneurialism and gets young aspiring business owners out of their spare room, you can’t ask for much more than that.

The following is a project description from Carmody Groarke

A large London-based property company with a portfolio of city-centre industrial buildings recognised that a new type of working environment is needed to support entrepreneurs working in the city. Responding to this requirement, two pilot projects set out a strong consistent identity for several new “Club” environments across London. Each new “Club” is intended to provide the infrastructure for entrepreneurs to work individually and collectively, to meet and to exchange ideas through presentations as well as have chance encounters with other members.

Carmody Groarke have designed a series of bespoke pieces of furniture made from stained-plywood and waxed-steel, which define the character of the new spaces and create a diversity of working environments for members within the “Clubs”.

All Images Credited to Nuwan Wuji