Getting Us Into The Groove For The Weekend!

November 17, 2011

As it is coming to the end of our week in the UAE we thought today’s feature project should lighten the mood somewhat and have a colourful and fun element to it. We came across this project when we were researching for mood boards for a new concept we are working on that is geared towards students, at the time of the research this project really stood out as an awesome piece of design that incorporates a great use of bold colours and graphics.

The Disco Experience Store has been designed by Brazilian design studio rg.s arquitetura and my word haven’t they done a fantastic job with this space? The store is a retro throwback to the psychedelic 60’s were disco, flower power and bold graphics and typography were all the rage. What impresses us the most about this store is how the design impacts on all 360 degrees of the store, the space itself is very tight and compact and an altogether boring and generic rectangular shell, what the designers have done is to give the space its own unique personality by creating depth and character to the space by using the interchangeable graphics on the ceiling. Another favourite element of this store for us is the interchangeable graphics; the store can take on a whole new personality at any time just by changing the graphics or tone of them, which can lead to some very clever visual merchandising campaigns.

When you first look at the store it is hard not to notice just the graphics but most importantly for us you also do see the products and visual merchandising display, this is the most important element of the store design for us, rg.s arquitetura have created a perfect balance between the store design and the purpose of the store, it could have been very easy to overdo the graphics and to detract from the actual apparel and products. A really cool and fun project that we like a lot, a great way to end the week, with a bit of colour and fun!

All Photography Credited to Ricardo Jaeger