Gourmet Design For Gourmet Food!

April 30, 2012

This week has been quite a big week for us at Studio EM. We just completed our new concept pitch for our supermarket client in Abu Dhabi and the design was really well received, so far no amendments or comments needed and the design has been approved and is ready for the fit out phase. Not only are we really chuffed that we will soon be opening our first supermarket project in the UAE but we are also relieved that we delivered the clients vision, so with that in mind we thought it was time we shared yet another awesome Supermarket project from the design world.

Today’s feature project is based in Toronto, which is quite apt since we pitched for a project in Toronto earlier in the week; it is called Pusateri’s, as the name would suggest this store has an Italian background. The gourmet grocers designed by GH+A  is a firm favorite of ours as it delivers a more sophisticated approach to supermarket design. Not necessarily through the layout which is rather generic but through the delicious fixtures, fittings and design features. Elements such as the lighting really stand out, usually the hanging pendant lights are something we would associate more with an open ceiling but in this case they provide a much more decorative look and feel that gives this space a grander appearance.

This is also carried on through the hanging lights above the fruit and veg section, these lights not only look awesome they also provide a perfect service in enhancing the product. The stunning ceiling feature above the fruit and veg section is another element that stands out and differentiates this space from the local grocers, this attention to detail and design feature not only helps to create a space within a space it also draws the eye towards something that is much more fascinating than a tired old white roof with harsh yellow lighting.  I am also a large fan of using black as the choice of color for the shelving and visual merchandising displays, the black frames and shelves enhance the product and also gives the space a higher end look and feel compared to the traditional white or grey shelves we have become accustomed to.

Other elements that give this space a more gourmet / luxurious look and feel are described below by GH+A:

This Italian imported food emporium provides a modern approach to gourmet food shopping. Clean architectural lines and sophisticated materials guide the design approach, as does the concept of “Food as Fashion.” The textures, colors, and beauty of the food are the center of attraction in this space, with a fashion look expressed through the type of highly reflective surfaces found in high-end retailers. Unlike tradition grocers, the check-out area emulates a hotel concierge desk with marble slab desks, while the untraditional flooring consists of 24-by-24-inch mini-crystal white tile. A valet parking booth lets customers know they have arrived at an exclusive shopping destination.

Check out the images below and see how these elements all come together, now I just need to hope we win our project in Toronto so as we can visit this project in real life to appreciate it even more.

Photography Credited to Philip Castleton