Grab Your Basket, We’re Going For A Picnic!

March 7, 2012

This past while it seems we have become inundated with office design enquiries, which of course is awesome and long may it continue, an added benefit of this influx is that our research into cool office projects has expanded greatly. Through that research we have come across a wide range of projects and occasionally we see one that really stands out as being an innovative piece of interior architecture and design, the result of that being a new blog feature.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden the No Picnic office is easily one of the best office designs of the past 12 months, so much so that it features in the shortlist of Arch Daily’s project of the year for the interiors category. Designed by Swedish design firm Elding Oscarson with a central feature of a reflective aluminum wall that stretches the length of the wall, this office has a number of challenges. The primary challenge being that this space has the highest level of historical protection and thus changes to this 19th century building had to be minimal and respectful of the restrictions.

The space is an ex military troop hall, hence the extreme length of the room, this space was devoid of character, which is why the reflective aluminum wall sits so well and provides greater depth to the room, the illusion created also allows for the space to appear a lot large than it actually is. As No Picnic are a world renowned design studio this is an office befitting of that status. The number of breakout rooms, workshops and the open plan layout of the working office area are all elements that can heighten productivity and creativity.

Images Credited to Åke E:son Lindman