Grabbing A Nap On The Go!

September 14, 2011

We came across this article earlier today on Dezeen and thought that this is a concept that is just way too cool to not blog about. Before we get to the project at hand, let me paint a scenario. You are flying to Dublin on KLM Airways and you have to have a stopover in Schiphol after a 7 hour flight from Dubai, the stopover was meant to be 2 hours, but due a technical fault it is now 13 hours.  You can’t leave the airport, haven’t had the foresight to book a room in the Yotel as you thought it was only going to be a 2 hour stopover, now you need to do some work in private and to have a lie down or some down time in peace and quiet.

Unfortunately you can’t do this on the normal seating galleries for safety or security reasons; it won’t take long for an expensive Mac Book to go missing if you nod off for 20 minutes. Perhaps this is in the extreme but this is a scenario most of us have experienced at some point. Russian architects the Arch Group have devised a new concept to act as a solution to the aforementioned scenario, they have created the Sleepbox. The Sleepbox is a portable hotel room of sorts which has a 2.5×1.6m base and 2.5-3m height to it, it contains two beds, LED lighting and chargers for laptops and mobiles, all round convenience for the modern traveller.

Here is some info from the designers, taken from the Sleepbox website:

Imagine yourself in an unfamiliar city or in an airport or in any other public place far from home. There is no opportunity for you to rest and relax, even if you are extremely tired. You can have a snack or drink virtually anywhere, but there is simply nowhere to sleep. Sleeping in public causes security, privacy and hygiene issues. Sleep away from home in busy and crowded places is a non-existent luxury.

We believe that urban infrastructure should be more comfortable. For this, we have developed SLEEPBOX. It is intended primarily to enable a person to sleep peacefully. It provides quick escape from the crowd without wasting time searching for a hotel. SLEEPBOX may be used both in public and private spaces, for rent or for internal needs.

 Possible locations for SLEEPBOX include:

– Airports

– Railroad stations

– Hostels

– Offices

Check out the images below credited to Ivanov Ilya of the Arch Group:

This is a very cool concept, the only criticisms we have is that there are no shower facilities, this is something that we all crave when traveling for a long time, however as this is a developing concept, who is to say that this wont be part of the development. The other issue for us would be the sound issue, having not been in one yet we don’t know how peaceful and quiet they are. Nevertheless it is a brilliant concept that seeks to irradiate common problems experienced by modern travelers, the box idea is a concept could be expanded into mobile office boxes’ or mobile meeting rooms in business districts and so forth.