Great Cafe Design At No Extra Costa To Brand Identity!

October 12, 2011

Earlier this week we covered the new Starbucks design concept on their 15th Avenue store in Seattle, the premise for our article was that we were pleased to see a large chain creating something unique or different away from the stringent rigidness of brand guidelines. We chose the Starbucks store as it was a store we could all relate to.

In our post we also used Costa Coffee stores in Dubai as an example where chains adopt an almost copy and paste attitude towards their store designs to keep in line with brand and franchise principals. Whilst this is the norm and not necessarily the franchisee’s directive we were pleased when one of our readers drew our attention to this Costa Coffee outlet in London.

Stiff + Trevillion Architects have created a new store concept for Costa Coffee in London and like the Starbucks store it is one that we applaud. It is very different to the store design we are used to in the UAE but it still retains all of the integrity of a major brand whist still being a cool example of coffee shop or café design.  The branding, graphics and visual merchandising is a great deal more subtle than its Arabian cousins, the store retains much more of the Italian heritage in its design, something that seems to have been lost in translation in other markets.

Although a British chain and company the background of Costa Coffee is very much Italian as the creators Sergio and Bruno Costa heralded from Italy to open the first store in London in 1971. This new design fits a lot more with that provenance than others; this store design is both quaint and chic without being too much of either. Perhaps this is more of a European design and it more than likely wouldn’t fit into this region, but it still won’t stop us appreciating it as a step forward in interior design for such a large brand.

A testament to this design and the designers is that it won the best Cafe / Fast Food Category at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2011