Heard It Through The Grapy Vine!

November 30, 2011

As most our regular readers and clients now know, at Studio EM we are all about breaking up the monotony of conventional commercial interior design. We loving nothing more than designs that inject vibrancy and creativity into old and tired project forms, this is the evolution or rather design revolution that we want to be part of and to possibly spearhead in the Middle East Region. This may be down to our youth (we are still quite a young team) or it may just be because as designers we have a greater insight as to what is going on in other parts of the world due to our never-ending need to research design trends that many consumers may not have.

Whatever reason it is the fact still remains the same, fresh, vibrant and thought provoking design is what pushes our buttons, not just design for the sake of design.  An example of a store that got us oohing and aaahing is todays feature project. Grapy is an off license of sorts that specialises in selling fine wines, now I don’t know about you but when I think of off license store designs or wine cellar designs the first thing that always comes to mind is dark, musty, sticky, woody, smelly, cold and restrictive. Perhaps this is just me and I am sure there are many exceptions to the norm such as Grapy. With Grapy designers Storage from Amsterdam have created something that breaks our doom and gloom perspective mould, the design is all about what we mentioned above, vibrancy, creativity and manoeuvrability (will try not to use any more words that end in ility from here on in).

This is Grapy’s first voyage into the world of physical retail as they were more known for being an online retailer; this may be the first step into high street  retail but a better step they could not have took. The retail space is shared with a local book shop so the space has to allow for that, with the modular nature of the design this can be achieved effortlessly as you can see some of the recipe books in the same storage units as the wine. The modular design can also be expanded and retracted to suit the daily needs of the space, thus creating a more beneficial and economical use of the space as more stock can be displayed and sold rather than stored at the back of house. For us the real winner in this design is the layered effect of the display, the textures and depth are far more appealing, organised and creative than the traditional “stack it high” systems used by other stores.

A really cool and fresh design by the team at Storage and a design that is quite simple but very effective and most importantly easily transferable. Have a look at the images below and let us know what you think.