“Hey, Av You Seen That Google In That London Town?”

August 4, 2011

We figured how could we have a credible design blog and not feature one of the leading pioneers of original interactive office design? We simply said we couldn’t!

So finally the time has come to step inside the crazy, creative and ever evolving world of Google with their new office in London.  The brains and genius behind this chapter of the Google office mega machine is Architecture firm Scott Brownrigg. They have created a 40,000 sq ft vibrant interactive hub that will house 300 of Google’s London based staff.

At this point we usually go into the details of the project, the fittings, the methodology, inspiration and so forth, this time however, we thought, “c’mon guys its Google what more can we tell you that these pictures can’t?”

The title of this post makes a lot more sense when you say it in a “mockney cockney” accent.