HI-MACS® Helping To Craft Raiffeisen’s Open Lounge!

As part of our ongoing relationship with the worlds best suppliers we have received this latest press release from the team at LG Hausys , HI-MACS®. head office in Switzerland.

Dear Studio EM

Here is the latest news from HI-MACS®.

Designed by Zurich based international design firm NAU Architecture in collaboration with studio Drexler Guinand Jauslin, the interior of the Open Lounge connects the history and the rich cultural past of the building by exhibiting portraits of the most prominent past residents in the walls.
Raiffeisen’s flagship branch on Zurich’s Kreuzplatz dissolves traditional barriers between customer and employee, creating a new type of “open bank”, a space of encounter.

HI-MACS® Solid Surface flowing membrane walls

Rethinking the nature of client – customer relations, the design represents a prototype for a bank where money is not the only consideration. Cast instead as an urban lounge, the atmosphere is open and light with hints of a high-end boutique. The main characteristics of the space? The inspiring walls made out of HI-MACS® with a highly technological process.

Here are some project photos courtesy of Jan Bitter

The full press release can be downloaded from here

Once more thanks to the team at LG Hausys for sharing this with us.