How One Tweet Lit Up Our Week!

December 8, 2011

I don’t know about you but we at Studio EM just love how social media has made the world such a smaller more connected place, the people we have met, spoke to and even done business with because of social media is phenomenal. Just this week for an example we were quite literally blown away when we met the lovely Maya Gharzeddine who works for .PSLAB in Beirut. The meeting really came about out of chance and a bit of excellent networking but boy are we glad it did.

.PSLAB are designers and manufacturers of site-specific lighting products, throughout our meeting Maya showed us the wealth of stunning, amazing, mind blasting…. (Insert any other awesome superlative here…) projects that .PSLAB have worked on. They really are great at what they do and we thought what better way of showing you than by sharing one of the projects they worked on that grabbed our attention.

The Barbican Food Hall & Lounge in London was designed by SHH Architects and Interior Design Consultants and from the pictures below you can see that they did a wonderful job creating a fresh, vibrant and a somewhat eclectic space that we absolutely adore, however what we really want to focus on is those exceptionally creative lighting features created by .PSLAB. Features such as the stacked olive jar lighting installation that surrounds the food hall and hangs over visual merchandising bench areas or the chic more upmarket lighting fixtures for the lounge area, the copper coloured fittings create a stunning rippled effect on the blue tiled floor to the simplistic yet dramatic one bulb installation over the bar area in between each of the stools.

The lighting for this project by .PSLAB really is spectacular and believe me when I tell you that if the rest of their portfolio and work is to go by this is only the tip of the iceberg, this has definitely fuelled our desire to work with .PSLAB on our future projects as the difference between lighting architects / designers and the average Joe suppliers is quite literally night and day. A great company with wicked products and a very cool team, funny how one little tweet can open your eyes to a world of possibilities.

Photography Credited to SHH