I Wooden Be Without It!

As we are about to go onsite with our new café project I am rather excited at the prospect of our recycled timber counters arriving. I just adore the texture, character and charm of using old, damaged and rustic recycled wood on projects, especially in retail and hospitality projects.  The look achieved can be spectacular, just take today’s project as an example.

The new Aesop installation in Hong Kong is a perfect example of what I am talking about, designed by Cheungvogl the installation has been created using naturally aged timber from Chinese boats, these are shaped into floating visual merchandising units and to great effect. I love how they sit so humble yet somewhat majestic in this contemporary white space, such a juxtaposition and a clear example of an ugly duckling becoming something beautiful.  Just check out the stunning images below to see what I mean and why I love using this wonderful material so much.