Ice Cool Design & Branding!

June 11, 2012

Yesterday our BDM Kristian spent the day going around sites in Abu Dhabi working up a sweat, whilst attending to our current projects he also was looking at some potential new projects including an ice cream parlor, by the end of the day he was fit to jump head first into a giant tub of ice cream to help him cool down.

Like frozen yogurt, the ice cream sector has blossomed again with more gourmet shops opening and the popularity of gelato increasing rapidly. Ice Cream is a delicious treat that is always associated with fun and good times, well in our house at least, and so the store designs should reflect the same feeling, fun, fresh, vibrant and ultra cool. That is what we get with today’s feature project, both with the store design and the branding design.

Whilst Glace Artisan Ice Cream is a very simple interior design I love how it acts as a perfect physical representation of the brand identity, like the branding it is a simple yet stunning. The marriage of the blue and brown is always a winner in my eyes, especially against the ultra cool sheer white backdrop. This marriage is described perfectly by the designer, Nathaniel Cooper:

Kansas City-based Glace (say it this way, Gla-say) Artisan Ice Cream is a more grown-up sweet treat expression, rich in texture and inventive flavors like Venezuelan dark chocolate, fleur de sel caramel and pineapple-cilantro sorbet. The corresponding brand expression is clean, sophisticated and a nod to the owners love of modern minimalism. At the same time, copy and color palette make it feel fun and approachable. The logo also incorporates a sly tie to ice cream with circles that look like melting drips hitting the floor, while tailored graphic elements make the identity feel fashionable and unexpected in the category.

The above project description is taken from Behance, make sure you pop over there to give the project some appreciation and love if like me you are a fan…. Now I am seriously hungry.

Images Credited to Gabe Hopkins