Industrially Rustic!

September 5, 2011

What is it about the new industrialist design movement that we are seeing that gets us all warm and fuzzy? Without looking at the below project and just describing it as an interior with exposed industrial tubing, unfinished woods, naked brick walls and grey concrete flooring, paints an ugly picture, a picture of equal cold and harsh features.

Yet the Mazzo project in Amsterdam is far from being cold or harsh, I believe the new hip term for this is rustic. Mazzo was once a notorious Amsterdam nightclub but is now reborn as a swish, trendy Italian eatery and coffee shop. The design was masterminded by Concrete of Amsterdam, in this space they have taken a building that many would describe as ugly and turned it into a seriously cool and inviting industrial Italian and somewhat charming interior.

From our above description of the industrial look and feel you can see how it does no justice to the restaurant design; these images tell a far greater story of how the designers and Mazzo have married their contemporary restaurant concept with an unlikely suitor in this industrial space and created a truly magnificent rustic eatery that does get us at Studio EM all warm and fuzzy inside.

We first came across this project on The Cool Hunter