Innovation That Takes Us Back Inside The Box!

December 13, 2011

Living and working in Dubai we are no strangers to the worlds Mega Malls with 2, 3 or even 4 of them on our doorstep, with “The Dubai Mall” and “Mall of The Emirates” obviously leading the way. We thought we had seen it all and perhaps we have, what with a Ski slope in Mall of the Emirates and an Ice Rink in The Dubai Mall amongst the feature attractions. In terms of square foot and calibre of stores these two malls put today’s feature project to shame, but in terms of innovation and ingenuity we feel that today’s feature project could even better or at least on par.

We are huge advocates and supporters of the “pop up” movement in the retail and hospitality world, the concept is something we just love, perhaps it’s because of our quirky sense of design and humour but pop up stores simply get us oohing and aahing every time we come across a store or restaurant such as these pop ups. Now we oooh and aaah even louder as we have come across the world’s first pop up mall in London.  Roger Wade has created the wonderfully exciting BOXPARK in Shoreditch; BOXPARK is a pop up mall comprising of 60 retailers who have all come together in their containers to be part of this retail movement in London. The thing that really gets us going is that Roger Wade has not only created something revolutionary that addresses many problems and common day issues such as expensive mall rents, lack of profitable retail space on the high street and tired looking retail units, he has created something that looks absolutely spectacular.

Just check out these images below to see what we mean, an awesome concept that we hope to see replicated not just around the UK but around the globe and even perhaps one day in Dubai. Don’t forget to check out the super cool video at the end of this post.

Also make sure you check out this wicked video about the project, it is a bit long but oh so worth it.