Innovation Through Regeneration!

January 2, 2012

As we enter into a new year, it is hard not to be consumed with positive energy and a renewed vigor that always comes with this time in the calendar. Everyone is buzzing about what the next 12 months could hold in store for us, we too are not immune to this infectious energy as 2012 is the year when our projects that are currently on site will be finished, and it is hard not to be overwhelmed with excitement.

A new year always brings with it new innovations, creations and trends to the interior architecture and design world, but a trend that we anticipate will be carried over from 2011 and expanded upon will be “innovation by regeneration”. 2011 was the year that sustainability and the use of sustainable and recycled materials came to the fore in our industry, who could have forgot the amazing Atelier Mechanic project we covered last year? Leading us into our blogging journey this year is another project that has showcased innovation through using recycled and sustainable material and that project is the new Levi’s Store in Amsterdam which was designed by Kenneth Jaworski of Como Park Studio.

The Store is made out of recycled materials recouped from the Levis booth at the Bread And Butter show as well as salvaged materials from throughout Amsterdam, much in the same way as Atelier Mechanic, the overall look and feel of the store¬† as a result of this is quite awesome. The industrially rustic nature of the store is the perfect platform for such a rugged and hard wearing jean as Levi’s.¬† As you can see from this Article on PSFK the use of recycled materials almost happened by accident and I for one am sure glad it did. Check out some of the unique features of this project in the images below with our favorite element being the scaffolding shelving structure and the rustic changing rooms.