Inside the box thinking!

June 16, 2011

We recently covered the Frjtz Café and quoted that “great design does not have to be expensive design”. We have come across this fantastic project by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture in San Jose, Costa Rica which is a further example of this.

We are in the process of preparing notes for a lecture we are delivering at a local university next week on the use of space and in our research we came across this project. It brought back many memories of when we had to do a mock project using containers when we studied interior architecture at university. Benjamin Garcia has taken this one step further by actually creating the space for his clients in this wonderful project. 

The final cost of this project was $40,000 US (150,000 AED). This is a Remarkable feat which acts as a further example where creativity and design does not have to be hampered by budget.

Photography Credited to Andres Garcia Lachner