Interior Design, Visual Merchandising & Shoe Heaven!

December 6, 2012

It’s that time of the year again, the festive season is vast approaching and people are scurrying around looking for presents for loved ones, today’s feature project is a store that will have plenty of feet coming through it in the next coming weeks and I thought I would feature it as a subtle reminder to some of the gents out there as its contents can never go down badly with the ladies, unless you get the wrong size.

Arnotts is a famous and grand old department store in Dublin, although 7,000 miles away Studio EM has a small sense of connection with the famous store as our Business Development Director, Kristian once worked in the menswear section of the when he was a good bit younger growing up in Ireland. The Arnotts Store recently went through a much needed renovation and transformation and as a result it has been brought back to life in stunning fashion. Being a lady of course I am going to focus on the new Shoe Garden.

The Shoe Garden was designed by London based design superstars Shed, the 9,500 sq ft space is all about shoes, shoes and more shoes as well as some clever and attractive design features. I am all over the bright and airy space which is of course a luxury that one can avail of when there is so much space available, but I love how it hasn’t been rammed or packed to the rafters, the space planning and zoning allows for a flowing and relaxing shopper experience that allows the delightful visual merchandising displays to “pop” to the fore. The central seating design feature is awesome, the sheer boldness of them give the space so much character and life as well as a splash of color that really breaks up the neutral white backdrop. The real winner for me in this project is the visual merchandising displays, they are stunning and create a real sense of intrigue within the store, they have been beautifully designed and manufactured and they are the reason that this part of the store stands out so much for me. Check out the images below and try not to drool too much at the design and shoe heaven.