It’s All About The Wood!

March 10, 2013

Those of you who read our blog regularly or follow us on twitter or instagram will know by know that I am a sucker for the use of wood in interior design and especially exposed wooden beams, I dare say if you do a search in this blog of such terms then a lot of posts will pop up or if you search #woodporn on our instagram feed you will get plenty of hits. I’m not sure what it is but I have always had a love for exposed wooden beams as part of a ceiling feature, perhaps it is because of the charm or character they hold, or their definitive strength or the fact that one simple feature such as exposed beams can really transform a “so so” project into a “go go” project that we love and drool over.

Take today’s office project as an example, The Univar Europe office is based in Antwerp, Belgium and was designed by designer by Dirk van Berkel and it has a plethora of wood porn and exposed beams.  The steel beams and joists mixed with the timber rafts and columns create an awesome contrast, then when we throw in the exposed brick wall features and the rather funky furniture pieces and table lights we get a project that is all about contrast and textures and I for one think that it is wicked. Only a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going off the industrial look somewhat, but when a project is as cool as this and features such character I slowly feel myself being pulled back into the industrial design landscape, then again though for this project it is the wood that had me cooing the most. Check out the project in the awesome images below credited to Frans Strous. 

Office Interior Design5

Office Interior Design

Office Interior Design2

Office Interior Design6

Office Interior Design7

Office Interior Design3

Office Interior Design4

Office Interior Design Dubai