I’ve Got A Notion For Some Frozen Yoghurt!

May 17, 2012

It’s that time of the week again, time for a fun fresh and funky project from around the world, a project that will take us into the weekend with a smile on our face. Today’s feature is awesome for so many reasons, for one it is from the same part of the world as our Business Development Manager, Kristian, two, it has cool branding, three, it is a stylish and simple design that reeks of funkiness and four, it’s a frozen yoghurt store, something that I really could do with right now in this searing Dubai heat.

Designed by Notion Design, Yogism Frozen Yoghurts is based in Dublin, Ireland and the first thing that strikes you about this project is the use of shocking pink, shocking pink is something that you have to be very brave to use as a color palette but in this instance the use is pretty awesome especially contrasted to the backdrop of the rustic wooden furniture. The contrast works best on the toppings counter and on the main yoghurt dispensing machine, I also really dig the lighting fixtures, shaped as whisks I can’t help but smile and think back to my childhood licking the whisks after mom whipped the cream. This is just another fun feature that helps this project to rank as one of our Funky Fresh and Fun Thursday projects. Now as I melt in the 40+ degree heat all I can think about is having some frozen yoghurt, so I am out of here, have a great weekend folks.

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