Japanese Design That Gives A New Meaning To Drive Thru!

January 4, 2012

As interior designers we often try to find that “hook” for a project, that one feature that can give life to the rest of the design, it can by anything from a theme to a ceiling or wall feature or to doing something quirky with a façade, although this is not always the case it is something that we always explore during our concept brainstorming sessions.

Japanese firm Suppose Design Office have created an awesome project that showcases how one simple feature can transform and lift up an entire project with their work on the Café/day project in Japan. The Café is a renovation of an old Japanese Bar that was situated next to a main road and a driving school. They decided to use these two facts to their advantage. They have created a café with an asphalt flooring that has road markings on it coupled with yellow door frames representing the driving school flagpoles and recycled chairs used to reflect bus stops. For us though our favorite feature (excepting the flooring feature) is the openness of the space that is created by the sliding glass doors.

This openness connects the café seamlessly with the outside world giving the concept a greater sense of authenticity and depth, Suppose Design Office haven’t played at creating a space that is just reflective of the outside the world, they have created a space that is connected to the outside world which is why this design is so awesome and attractive to us, a superb project.

Images Credited To Toshiyuki Yano