Jump Forward Into A Wicked Office Design!

August 28, 2012

This week we have been out scowering the streets of Dubai for some new office space for Studio EM and our soon to be increasing team; as such we have seen some wonderful spaces and some naff spaces yet each of them all have their own positives and negatives. Regardless of what we choose I am sure we will put our own design stamp on the space, however what I am enjoying is all the cool office design research I get to do, take today’s wicked feature project as an example. The Forward office is the latest project from the slick design team at Jump Studios in London, the same team behind our Google Campus feature a few months back. The awesome office is explained in great detail below by Jump Studios:

Young media technology company Forward had outgrown their existing premises and decided to lease additional office spaces in an adjacent building in Camden with the aim to connect the two premises and create a large office spread over two floors which would not only offer ample office space for the rapidly growing businesses but also house additional social functions like a presentation space, music and games rooms, a canteen, additional meeting spaces, cafe and a new, more representative reception.

Furthermore Forward sensed that their existing offices didn’t really reflect the prevailing culture of the company which at heart still feels like a young start-up. They turned to Jump Studios for help and asked us to come up with ideas that could imbue the new spaces with creative energy and the ‘Forward spirit’ – young, playful, intelligent, unconventional and obsessed with the newest technologies and innovations.

Analysing the specific conditions of the site we found a series of large, linearly connected but separate spaces in a former warehouse. Rather than trying to unify those spaces through one spatial concept we quickly decided to treat each room differently and create a series of different scenarios which would set the mood individually for each area. Taking references from fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland or computer games like Super Mario the spaces are animated by several interventions which play with notions of scale and introduce surreal moments in the otherwise very functional office environment.

There is little left for me to explain and so I say let the awesome images below to do the rest of the explaining for me, have a look at some of the oversized lighting features and some of the cool decorative elements such as the wall graphics and the random lobster sculpture, I love it!

Photography Credited to Gareth Gardner