Just Doing It For The Staff!

May 22, 2012

The best companies in the world are known as the best companies for a reason, one of those reasons that we always associate with the top companies is how they reinvest and treat their number one asset, their staff. Because of this it comes as no surprise that so many of the best brains in business, design, project management, marketing etc… flock to these companies in an abundance seeking new careers. At Studio EM we always said that when we set up the business that the staff along with our clients are our number one priority, when we design a project it is always with the staff of that project in mind, why is this? Simple, because happy and valued staff produce happier and more valuable work as well as being much more efficient, this is our opinion and an opinion that is shared by many of the world’s leading companies.

One such company has featured on this blog numerous times for their retail outlets but as a testament to the opening paragraph of this post we thought we would feature one of their projects that shows how much they care about their staff. Nike have created an inspiring canteen for their workers in their EMEA Headquarters in the Netherlands. Based in Hilversum the space, designed by UXUS Design is all about encouraging interactivity and socializing. I love how the design is also a superb example of brand integration from NIKE having used all of their sporting connections throughout the design, there are logos from huge sporting establishments that NIKE have connections with spread out across the canteen, establishments such as Barcelona, Manchester United and the Chicago Bulls.

From a design point of view I am a fan of the lighting design, the hanging light fixtures cut the large space in half and create a much more atmospheric space, this is a great way to add depth and texture to a high ceiling space. I also dig the variation in the seating arrangements, small enclosed areas such as the booths mix well with the more open planned seating. There is also a wonderful eclectic mix of furniture that give the space great character, from picnic benches to retro inspired desk hubs to the more crisper white formal table, a superb mix that allows the breaking up of the space.

As described by UXUS:

The objective was to create a personalized, social hub inspired by sports that encouraged
and enabled the exchange of ideas.

Working alongside the Nike design team, UXUS created a space utilizing mismatched elements to accommodate the various moods and needs of the employees. Semi-enclosed areas and cozy spaces offer solitude, while vast tables and counters stimulate interaction. Every element was designed for efficiency and the ability of employees to create a personalized eating experience. Material choices were inspired by sports facilities with contrasting bright and neutral colors.

Various ceiling elements such as low hanging lamps create rhythm to diffuse and humanize the tall volume of the main eating hall, while a striking, orange tube wall with
super-graphic ties the 2 levels together.

An inspiring project that really shows how much NIKE value their staff, one of the many reasons why NIKE has to be considered as one of the best brands in the world.