Leading The Way In Kiosk Design!

September 4, 2012

Great design is all around us, from the largest of spaces in the world’s biggest tower to the smallest of spaces in a Tokyo cube hotel, we see it daily in cafes, restaurants, offices and retail outlets. If we go around the malls of Dubai and start looking at the cost of rental space then we can start to see why there has been a boom in smaller retailers or kiosk owners and today’s feature project is a brilliant example of how a kiosk café can still look absolutely awesome even though it is built around such a small space.

Based in the Melbourne Water Building HQ in Melbourne Australia, Cafénatics is a standalone kiosk set up to service the occupants of the building and those that want to use it as a meeting space, as described below by the designers Zwei:

Designed as a stand—alone kiosk within the ground floor public lobby of the new Melbourne Water HQ in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct, the design invites occupiers and adjoining tenants to utilise the building as both a workspace and meeting place. Referencing the Docklands waterfront location, in both form making and material selection, the use of organic and fluid curved lines shift away from angularity to define the space.

I love how this project makes the most of the space allocated but how Zwei have treated this kiosk with a lot of respect and gave it a design to be proud of, this is something that we feel to be lacking in this region, how often would you go into a mall and see a kiosk design and think “Wow?” I don’t think I have done that yet but Cafenatics definitely has the wow factor. I love how Zwei have given a nod to the docklands by giving this kiosk a rusty look that immediately makes me thing of the rust on containers by the ports due to the sea water spray. I also like the textured cladding, part of me thinks of an old shipping vessel when I see it, something from a time gone by that would have been used by the traders to transport coffee beans, sugar and flour. What I also like is how these elements have been lifted by some of the accents such as the cool lighting features of the concealed lights and the hanging blue fittings. Check out the awesome images below and try to think have you seen as cool a kiosk any time recently.

Images Credited to Michael Kai