LEEDing From The Front!

September 20, 2011

We have all heard the expression that “not everything that glitters is golden” our project today does not glitter but it certainly is golden, and that is official. The Founding Farmers Restaurant in Washington DC is one of a view rare examples of a high-end restaurant that has been awarded Gold LEED rating.

Amidst talks of carbon credits, energy bills and other popular environmental issues in the Capital of the United States of America sits Founding Fathers, just a stones throw away from the White House.  The Founding Farmers project designed by CORE Architecture and Design is a particular favorite of ours as it is all about sustainability and from some of our previous articles you can see how sustainability always lights a design fire within us.

The restaurant is all about being sustainable, eco and environmentally friendly from the design down to the food through to the menus and toilet paper. Elements that we applaud and adore include the gorgeous exposed beam features made from reclaimed barn wood that run throughout the restaurant allow one to feel at home in the barn much like the owners, the North Dakota Farmers Union. This charming use of natural wood and cladding creates real warmth to the space, a natural soft warmth that is lacking in so many of todays modern eateries.

The lighting features in the restaurant are both quirky and unobtrusive, and for energy efficient green lighting the fixtures are actually very chic as opposed to the generic fixtures that many designers use in order to obtain the LEED certification, which are usually very clunky or fluorescent, perhaps this is helped by the abundance of natural light the glass façade allows to penetrate the restaurant.

The owners have high standards to uphold and with using recycled paper for their menus, recyclable glasses for the water and efficient watering and drainage coupled with the gorgeous use of reclaimed wood for the tables and chairs this is a restaurant that even Washington regular and eco-warrior Al Gore may feel at home in.

A superb job by the team at CORE Architecture and Design. All Photography credited to Michael Moran.