Less Is More?

August 30, 2011

We have all heard the saying that “less is more”, with regards to minimalist interior design this is certainly the case, however when we talk about retail design it is hard to think of a project or examples of where this mantra is justified. That was until we came across the Pave store in Barcelona, designed by architect Joan Sandoval.

Pave is a cycling enthusiasts heaven, it is a space where all the new “A List celebrities” of the bike manufacturing world come to party, in order to get an invite you had better reflect the design of this store, you had better be ice cool.

This retail space is more than just a selling point or a transaction store, it is an experience. The store includes a library where shoppers can peruse through magazines and catalogues whilst sipping on a tall skinny latte, better informing them of their intended purchase, or giving them that extra nudge, convincing them to purchase the latest helmet or frame or sleek spandex shorts.

Patrons can chill out in the lounge, watch races on the big screen TV or pop into the showers after working up a sweat after a test cycle on one of the road bikes. Pave is a cyclist’s dream, born from the mind of a cycling enthusiast, Javier Maya. Although the store may have a futuristic and minimalist design approach, this is an experience store, and the experience on offer is quite the opposite of minimalist, it’s plentiful, fattening and easy on the eye.

The experience on offer and the design of this store sets it miles apart from any cycling store we have ever encountered. Have a look at the photo’s below and let us know what you think, would you shop here? Or does the design put you off touching anything or trying it out? Let us know.

We first came across this project on Dezeen