Lifting Up The Canvas!

January 22, 2012

Last week we blogged about how clients and designers should embrace “white space” in Interior Architecture & Design, this article (as imagined it would) created a bit of division amongst our twitter followers but one of the common themes to come from the discussions about the use of white space is that it really allows the product to stand out if used in a retail concept. That product will stand out even more if the product is bold, vivid and vibrant like today’s product.

This lead us on a search for a great example of this, an example that was as diametrically opposed to the Stuttgart City Library project as possible. We found it in today’s feature project from Theural & Thomas. The San Pedro (Mexico) based store belonging to Theural & Thomas was designed by Anagrama, the design itself really is whiter than white, but this provides a stunning backdrop to the gorgeously vibrant macaroons that Theural & Thomas sell.

From the images below you can see how the chic, sumptuous and elegant interior design really lifts the macaroons up and into your eye line, the great contrast that is created is a visual merchandisers dream as well as being a superb example of where someone has embraced the white space and achieved stunning and jaw dropping results further amplified by the gorgeous branding of the store and the product.  This is a project that will no doubt keep the discussion flowing on twitter but it is a project that I absolutely adore… Now I am hungry.

Images Credited to Anagrama.