Louis Vuitton Is “Top Of The Pops”

June 5, 2011

At Studio EM HQ today we were researching the latest trend: “pop up” stores. We love the pop up store concept; it’s quirky, fresh, and unique and creates a much needed buzz on the high street. We were discussing where in Dubai a pop up store would work well. JBR Marina Walk was an option we discussed but then we came across this underground beauty by Louis Vuitton in Tokyo thanks to the guys at Trendland.  With the Metro stations in the back of our minds we definitely thought that this concept, if done right could really rock in Dubai.

We also came across this high street version of the Louis Vuitton Pop Up Store in Cannes, France. The design and layout juxtapose to that from Tokyo really capture the levels of difference and flexibility that this new craze offers retailers.

What do you think about the Pop Up Store trend? Have you seen a really cool one near you? Get in touch, let us know.