Making a Statement – The JAL Tower, Dubai

May 23, 2011

This afternoon, some of the team @ Studio EM attended a meeting at the JAL Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.  The meeting went rather well, however the lasting impression was of the awesomeness of the Interior Architecture and Design. 

As you can tell from our blog and twitter feed, we are in awe of Japanese design and the unique way that the Japanese companies approach design. “Pushing the boundaries” is a phrase that instantly comes to mind. In this respect the JAL Tower Dubai does not let itself down.

The design is very clean; it has an air of class without the whiff of pretentiousness that is emitted by so many of its competitors.  

This is highlighted by our favourite element, the design of the “Origami” meeting room / conference centre. This could be one of those designs that divide opinion, is it a waste of space? Is it more design than function or is it a clever piece of design that clearly differentiates this hotel from its competitors?

Pictured above is the exterior of the Origami conference / meeting room. Some may question this use of space, yet some will see it for what it is, a design statement.

This side view of the Origami conference / meeting room has a certain sci-fi look to it which strangely appeals.

The interior carries on the sci-fi theme with the clean lines and awkward structure. Definitely a room where paying attention to the speaker may be an issue.

This final image showcases the versatility of the conference setup. Rather boring. but the picture does show off a lot more of the detail in the interior. To see more of the interior please check out the gallery on the JAL Tower website.

Love it? Hate it? Seen better?  Let us know below.

Credit for the “Origami” design goes to the Drawlink Group who were the lead design consultants for the project. Great Job!