Making The MOST Of Crate Design!

November 22, 2011

Yesterday we met with a new client to discuss an office design project and as inevitable it is the topic of conversation turned to finances and more specifically cost. It can be amazing how many clients think that getting an interior designer involved in their project will lead to exorbitant costs, often we alleviate those fears by discussing the client’s needs and wishes and working out a rough brief there and then about what we are thinking, from there we can usually ascertain a rough budget, but as we keep saying great design does not have to be expensive or flashy design.

There are few better examples of this mantra especially in the office design field that today’s feature project, it is all about genius ingenuity and creative thinking. Dutch design firm MOST Architecture have created a unique and clever office space for Dutch branding firm BrandBase. From the images below you can see how the minimalist office interior in centred around one eco-friendly and stunning design feature, the use of recycled and reclaimed wooden pallets. The use of these wooden pallets as pieces of furniture give this open office design and transient edge, with a few moves to the left or to the right or the subtraction or addition of a few pallets can change the makeup of this space at any moment.

The rustic nature of this design is highlighted throughout but the space still retains a certain chic and charismatic effect, it is not completely wood strewn instead subtle hints of modernism can be seen throughout, be it the glass top on the conference table, the ergonomical chairs that don’t look too dissimilar to the Herman Miller chairs we have recently sourced for a project and the stylish lighting fixtures , these are all sophisticated and contemporary elements that give this superb design a real sense of credibility. The designers have been very clever, this project is more than just a few crates thrown around loosely to resemble pieces of furniture, no, this is a far more intricate and altogether complex design where the real beauty in it is convincing us that it is a simple piece of office interior design.

We love the use of the pallets, it really wowed us all in the office and wow’s our clients when we show them this project on our mood boards as an example of great design using an affordable design feature and as a project where a bit of outside the box thinking has led to a magnificent outcome. This is why we simply had to share it with you on our blog, the second best thing about this project after the awesome design, the budget, this fit out only cost a modest 248,000 AED ( 50,000 Euro).

Have a look at the images below and let us know what you think.