Maybe Blondes Do Have More Fun!

May 28, 2012

It’s that time of the year again when I get to see inside some of the best restaurants in Australia, nope it isn’t time for a holiday, it is the return of Masterchef on my TV, after a day of awesome designing, tweeting, blogging and meeting cool clients, friends and colleagues I love nothing better than to unwind in front of the TV and catch up with Masterchef, yes, I am easily pleased. Through this program I have discovered some awesome projects from around Australia that tickle my design buds. Last night was no different, while catching up on the latest escapades we noticed this beauty from Sydney.

Concrete Blonde opened last year in Kings Cross, Sydney and was designed by Dreamtime Australia Design. I was attraced by the polished, chic but industrial interior, I enjoyed the juxtaposition between the industrial kitchen and the more retro bar area where there is an awesome pop art / comic book inspired mural, a literal representation of a concrete blonde that stretches the length of the wall. I am also a big fan of the stunning lighting features, the soft approach to the lighting really exentuaites the industrial chic look and creates the perfect environment for the more sophisticate furniture pieces to come to the fore.

As described by the designers:

Concrete Blonde is a unique, cutting edge dining experience, with equal measures of style in design and concept to maximise the design potential of it’s site, with it’s existing strong industrial internal concrete grid of imposing structural beams. Concrete Blonde’s design features include a plate steel gas central fireplace, dramatic, yet low-key, moody lighting with quirky spanner light fittings, a cartoon-style cut mosaic, 9m bar with aged spun aluminium bar front, a cow hide wall and a glassed-in, air-conditioned wine cellar to give patrons a strong visual smorgasbord of high energy and action.

A unique project that had me hooked last night, check out the images below and I hope you dig it as much as I did.