Mellow Yellow For The Nomadic Worker!

There can be no denying that over the past few years there has been an astronomical rise in young entrepreneurs, startup business and innovative SME’s that have come from nowhere and grown into many of today’s funkier and more exciting companies. We talk to quite a few people who fit into this category on twitter and we class ourselves as a young startup as we are still in our first year of business. Being a startup business can be daunting, from day one of being a company the pressure is on to find an office or to motivate yourself to get out of your house and to get cracking on working for yourself or to simply get your home workspace organized so you are ready to go.

Thankfully in line with this rise there has been a parallel rise in mobile work station / café concepts that are geared towards this business demographic, for us when we began initially working from home we couldn’t wait to get up, get out of the house and go somewhere that gave us more structure and a break from home life. This was so important to us and we recognized early on that we needed to separate domestic life, homework and our “normal” work. Thanks be to the awesome guys at The Pavilion in Downtown Dubai and The Shelter in Al Quoz that we had a hub to go to, a hub that helped break up the monotony. I was going to feature The Pavillion today but instead have decided to feature a similar project from Buenos Aires, Argentina (I will keep The Pavillion for another time, you can check out The Shelter here on Design Mena’s website)

Urban Station is like the aforementioned projects in the sense that is a café / mobile office / all round awesome place to hang out, network, drink coffee and do some work. Designed by Argentine Firm Total Tool this concept is all about helping nomadic workers find a place outside of home to do their work, what attracted our attention to this project was the vibrancy of the interior design, there is a whole lot of yellow going on here and we love it. The standout from our point of view is the eclectic but artistic mix of lighting fixtures, the ridiculously oversized light shades hanging from the roof and the industrial overhang lights mixed with the individual table lamps all add great character to this design as well as a fun and interactive element. As designers we just love the choice in furniture, such a breakaway from the usual rigid seating one would expect to find, the vintage sofa’s, seats coupled with the more contemporary chairs at the work stations create a firm division from the structured working area and the relaxed working area. The space also provides users with multiple power points, Wi-Fi, a meeting room and auto visual accessories such as TV’s and projectors, essentially Urban Station offers the modern day mobile worker everything they could possible need to do their business.

Photography Credited to Sergio Esmoris.