No Monkeying Around With This Bar Design!

January 11, 2012

As an interior architect and designer I draw my inspirations from anywhere and everywhere I can, like most designers you tend to look at the world a little differently, either that or I am just completely bonkers. What I am about to admit to may disappoint some of you, but I have fallen for the trap of a popular television show that is set in the 60’s in America, that being Mad Men. The premise of the show can be found here but the one thing that I take from it is that it involves a serious amount of socializing in bars and old fashioned country clubs for the Gentleman. I loved how these old fashioned clubs where designed, large leather chairs, a bar, green baize covered table and dark woods covering the walls and floor.

It was while looking at this that I pondered what these type of clubs would look like today, perhaps it is the circles I mix in or because of contemporary nature of Dubai I have not had the pleasure of seeing anything that reflected this time, when looking into it I came across the exact project I had been looking for, the exact project that I imagine could best reflect how a modern day version of these places would look. The project is called The Blue Monkey Fumoir, it was designed by Swiss duo James Dyer-Smith and Gian Frey and is based in Niederdorf, Zurich. The concept that Dyer-Smith & Frey created was that of a 1920’s smoking lounge with a modern take. This project as you can see from the images below is exactly what I picture when I think of a modern day take on the old fashioned gentleman’s club of a bygone era.

Favorite elements for us are the soft leathers that can be felt throughout the project, the simple addition to the stools for instance give the furniture a much more refined and distinguished look, the same can be said for the choice of woods used on the flooring and furniture, these woods are accentuated by the delicate lighting, that coupled with the black and white images and the green wall treatment capture the smoking room feel perfectly.

Photography Credited To Beda Schmid.