No Shrimps On The Barbie, Just Awesome Industrial Chic Design!

May 8, 2012

As most of our clients and readers know, we are huge fans of the industrial rustic movement in the world of Interior Architecture & Design, but not to be outdone we do love a bit of industrial chic design too. That is what we get in abundance with today’s feature project from design firms Michelle Derbyshire and Edwin Design.

The Australasia Restaurant located in Manchester, England is a real winner for us in terms of industrial chic design. Favorite elements for us are the exposed distressed whitewashed brick, this coupled with the soft yet industrial lighting features give the space a real warmth which is something you wouldn’t necessarily think of when someone says the word industrial. The warmth also comes from the paneled ceiling feature, I am glad this was done rather than an exposed ceiling, this is one of the chic elements whereas an exposed ceiling is very much rustic.

The space planning in this restaurant is very well thought out, the stunning banquettes with the distressed wood frames are gorgeous, but what these banquettes also do is add to the warmth of the space, the soft furnishings and the arrangements immediately tell me that when this restaurant is full it must have a delightful and buzzy atmosphere and that is why designers are paid to do what we do as we create atmosphere. A really awesome project where the level of detailing is the real winner, even the bathrooms have had an extra awesome design touch and that is a sign of designers who think of every element.